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Pandora's Box opened

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The guys at Penny Arcade got it damn right: Electronic Art's plan to sell weapon to players of Battlefield: Bad Company truly opens up Pandora's Box.

Lets take another approach. The discussion "Skill vs. Tool" is quite old and well known in for instance photography; you've got the normal people there, the good people, the really good people, people with money, people with much money, and all these discussion on wonderful Leica equipment; and then those people who scoff the good equipment people repeating on how the best Leica doesn't matter if you can't take pictures. Occasionally, real enfant terribles pop up which will then take a 2 MP cell phone cam to prove that equipment does not matter, and then the whole discussion goes over again.

Someone hit the spot perfectly in a photography forum; one of the artists posed the question whether it would be worth looking/waiting for the newest and best equipment instead of using what is already there; said one, "I take the answer which makes me appear more superior".

Now great, because we're bound to see the same shooters: people only using a knife to prove that the proper art of killing needs no weapons, while silently feeling envy for those which spend 3200 € on a full equipment consisting of an adamantium bullet proof vest, adamantium gloves, helmet, shoes and so on and two long range plasma weapons, auto aiming and 700 shots each. And most likely the owner of said equipment will feel a violation in his basic human rights as soon as the first servers come up that limit weaponry to a knife, a pistol and 12 rounds.


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